South Carolina Eviction Laws & Tenant’s Rights

It is not uncommon for landlords in South Carolina to suddenly and without cause threaten to evict a tenant. Sometimes, they may even change the locks without providing any notice to the tenant. Tenants should be aware that they have many rights under South Carolina law and that in many cases, it is possible to fight against an unlawful eviction. In this post, we’ll review South Carolina eviction laws and tenant’s rights, so both landlords and tenants can understand the law. (more…)


How to File a Civil Lawsuit

When you have a tort, or civil claim, you may know that you can file a lawsuit to recover damages due to the wrongful or negligent act of the other party. However, most people do not know how to file a civil lawsuit to recover the damages they deserve. Whether you want to file a breach of contract claim, defamation claim, or any other type of civil lawsuit, it is important to know what type of lawsuit you must file, and where to file it. (more…)

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