Insurance is something you hope you never have to use. Insurance is meant to protect you from liability in the event that you are involved in an accident, if someone becomes injured on your property, and in so many other unfortunate situations. This protection only works, however, when insurers act in good faith and provide the coverage you are entitled to.

Insurance is a big business, and all too often, insurers do not to provide coverage for a loss so they can keep more of their profits for themselves. When this is the case, policyholders can hold them accountable. Our insurance dispute attorneys at Beth Santilli Law can help you work with your insurance carrier to get the coverage you deserve.

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How a Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been sent a denial letter from an insurance company, an attorney from Beth Santilli Law can review it to determine if the insurer is unreasonably denying your claim or even possibly acting in bad faith. If they are, we know what evidence to gather, including your insurance policy, to prove your case. We will also take care of all the paperwork necessary to have your claim reviewed and demand that the insurance company provide a fair settlement amount.

Should I Speak to a Lawyer Before Talking to an Insurance Representative?

Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid paying out fair settlements on claims. They will likely contact you soon after the incident, hoping that you do not yet have legal representation. They do this so they can record your conversation to use your own words against you in the future, and they may even offer you a settlement that is unfair. Attorneys understand the strategies insurers use and can communicate with the company on your behalf to protect your interests.

Holding Insurers Accountable for Acts of Bad Faith

Bad faith is a term used when insurance companies refuse to fairly negotiate and provide the coverage a policyholder purchased. For example, if someone was injured on your property and you have a valid and effective homeowners’ insurance policy, but the insurer refuses to defend your claim, they may be acting in bad faith. Yet it is sometimes difficult to determine if insurers are being unfair. Other examples of acts of bad faith include:

– Denying claims without a legitimate reason
– Intentionally withholding information regarding benefits included in your purchased coverage
– Failing to follow stated timelines for your claim
– Offering an unfair settlement amount
– Creating unreasonable delays in the claims process

Although the many types of bad faith are enough to concern any policyholder, there are fortunately many laws in South Carolina that govern the insurance industry. When an insurer still acts in bad faith regardless of these laws, you can hold them accountable for paying a fair settlement. In addition to the original claim, you can also sue insurance companies for any damages you incurred while the insurer was unfairly delaying or denying the claim including attorneys’ fees.

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Holding insurance companies accountable for their actions is possible, but it is not always easy. If you believe your insurance company acted unreasonably or in bad faith and want to seek damages for your losses, contact our Mt. Pleasant insurance dispute lawyers at Beth Santilli Law, LLC. Attorney Santilli has the necessary experience to deal effectively with insurance companies and to help you claim any compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation today to review your case.

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