Construction is a complicated industry. While things typically go according to plan, that is not always the case. Sometimes, homeowners find that they are not pleased with the work that a contractor or construction company performed, while other times, construction companies and contractors do not get paid the money they are owed once a project is complete. In each of these instances, an experienced attorney at Beth Santilli Law can provide legal counsel to help make things right.

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Construction Defects

Residential construction defects include a wide variety of deficiencies including mechanical, water intrusion, electrical, structural integrity, finishes, doors, and windows. A failure with design, materials, and within the construction process itself can lead to these types of deficiencies. In some cases, professional negligence on the part of an architect, engineer, or another design professional can also lead to a construction defect.

Anyone that is experiencing a construction defect should speak with an experienced construction defect attorney who is well versed in construction industry standards and can review the plans, specifications, building codes, and product manuals. Another way we help you to hold professionals liable for their negligence at Beth Santilli Law is to reach out to other design professionals to determine if they would have acted in the same manner.

The Statute of Repose

Like all civil cases, claims involving a construction defect have a statute of limitations known as the statute of repose. Under this statute in South Carolina, individuals have only eight years to file a lawsuit based on a construction defect. The statute of repose begins at the time of substantial completion of the improvement. Substantial completion means that the entire project does not have to be complete—but the project must be near completion. Claims that are filed after this time will likely be thrown out of court, forfeiting the claimant’s right to damages.

Filing a Mechanics’ Lien

Homeowners and business owners are not the only ones who become wronged in the construction process. There are times when contractors and construction companies are not properly paid for their jobs and projects as well. When this is the case, contractors can file a mechanics’ lien against the property to recover the value of the labor and materials used by the contractor for the property owner’s benefit.

Working with an attorney who is experienced in filing mechanics’ liens can help ensure a mistake does not invalidate your claim.

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At Beth Santilli Law, LLC, our Mt. Pleasant construction defect attorneys know how to prosecute and defend construction defect claims. We can provide assistance with filing a mechanics’ lien as well. Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, if something has gone wrong with your construction project, call Beth Santilli Law today.

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